How to Increase Workplace Productivity with FM Solutions?

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  • August 8, 2023
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Better facilities management can enhance employee productivity and satisfaction, which benefits individuals as well as businesses. According to research, satisfied staff members can experience a 20% improvement in productivity. Recognizing this, businesses have begun to emphasize their employees as their most valuable asset.

Modern workplaces must be appealing, efficient, inventive, and useful in order to attract and retain top personnel and maximize production. Organizations can make employees’ jobs easier and enhance their motivation by providing such settings. 

Companies are implementing innovative workplace designs and leveraging modern facility management services to attain these objectives. These services go beyond standard approaches and technologies to accommodate new working patterns in modern settings. 

IWMS by VLogicsystems : Improving Facility Management

VLogic Systems provides complete Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software that enables businesses to optimize facility management. Companies may maintain a dynamic workplace environment for their employees by using this current software.

Organizations can streamline processes, cut expenses, and boost productivity by utilizing IWMS software. This program lays the groundwork for efficiency, flexibility, and transparency, allowing for the construction of a happy and productive workplace. VLogicsystems’ IWMS software transforms facilities management by offering the capabilities required to establish an optimum and efficient workplace environment.

Effective Space Management : FM Requirement

Effective space management is an essential need in modern business environments. Organizations can maximize their office space consumption by using Facilities Management (FM) software and Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) solutions. These software solutions give real-time information and computer-aided designs, enabling virtual space layouts to establish appropriate seating arrangements for employees and allocating particular locations for various tasks such as conference rooms and leisure zones.

Also, by unifying data into a single search system, FM software provides quick and accurate reporting. This information is available to authorized personnel throughout the enterprise, ensuring real-time updates and accuracy based on the information entered.

Integrated FM software enables real-time decision-making about space management system and maintenance needs by facilitating seamless and effective communication. Organizations can take quick action based on the insights supplied by the program because worker information is immediately available.

Advantages of Integrating IWMS with Facility Management Software

Organizations can expedite communication and improve different elements of workplace management by merging IWMS software with a strong FM platform. This integration enables effective management of services including move management, asset management, strategy planning, space management, maintenance management, preventative maintenance, and facility management. As a result, considerable time and cost savings, as well as greater overall efficiency, are gained.

Resolving Workplace Management Issues

Unused space in companies is dealt with by effective workplace management software. The following statistics demonstrate the issue:

Organizations can identify and optimize space consumption by implementing IWMS and FM software, ensuring that precious resources are not squandered. This can result in substantial cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Combining IWMS with facilities management software provides a number of advantages, including improved communication, simpler operations, cost savings, and increased efficiency. Organizations can effectively solve difficulties such as by employing these solutions.

Using Effective Workplace Management Software to Harness BIM Data

BIM technology is becoming increasingly significant in building design and management. When used correctly, BIM data may provide precise insights to Facilities Managers (FMs) in order to maximize the lifecycle of buildings and assets. This vital data, however, is frequently untapped or cannot be effectively linked to existing FM software.

Organizations can fully harness the benefits of BIM by using excellent workplace management software. This software allows BIM data to be translated between several project document forms, including COBie, wexBIM, and IFC files. FM teams may combine all information into a single, comprehensible 3D model, giving them comprehensive control over building, facility, and asset life cycles.

Using Workplace Management Software to Simplify Meetings and Bookings

Poorly managed meetings may significantly decrease workplace productivity, costing UK businesses an estimated £43 billion every year. Aside from the financial implications, unorganized meetings can cause anger and conflict among employees. The absence of dependable facility booking software can generate an uncomfortable atmosphere, from double-booked conference rooms to disagreements over shared workstations.

By simplifying and self-managing room bookings, workplace management software may successfully handle this issue. Employees may simply check room availability information and distribute facts to all attendees. Meetings go smoothly and efficiently with such processes in place, allowing participants to make the most of their time.

By simplifying and self-managing room bookings, workplace management software may successfully handle this issue. Employees may simply check room availability information and distribute facts to all attendees. Meetings go smoothly and efficiently with such processes in place, allowing participants to make the most of their time.

Data-Driven Decision-Making with Workplace Management Software

Data is essential for guiding strategic decisions in modern businesses. However, many organizations struggle with properly acquiring and maintaining data, resulting in a lack of value in their decision-making processes.

Workplace management software, such as Live View, provides a solution to this problem. This program centralizes critical information and displays it in clear, easy-to-understand visual representations. Teams may use the data to make informed decisions and achieve substantial improvements in business processes by giving this oversight. Also, the software enables the creation of custom criteria to track asset performance, stock levels, and task fulfillment. This enables firms to determine whether their workplace is working properly in relation to their specific business objectives.


Workplace management software minimizes the difficulties connected with disorganized meetings and bookings. Organizations can boost productivity and create a more peaceful work atmosphere by providing a simple and self-managed platform for room bookings.

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