Software Customization

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Customize VLogicFM to meet your exact needs

VLogicFM is rich with powerful features. It can be configured to meet your specific requirements. In case, your needs cannot be met with the standard package, VLogic will customize the system to your specifications. Make VLogicFM part of your corporate information system backbone. Interface with your other databases such as HR and financial systems and transfer data back and forth seamlessly. A wide cross section of the corporate community may require communication with VLogicFM. Ask us to design and maintain the linkages with these “external” systems.

Match your business processes

Not every organization works the same way. Every organization has its own unique business processes and workflows. VLogic will customize the system to match your own processes.
software Subscription
software Subscription

Space Reporting Tool with Archiving

A large customer organization requires periodic space assignment reports to be archived so that they can view and analyze the trends in usage among different divisions. We customized the system to store reports as well as the maps showing the distribution of occupancy.

Asset Tracking in a Bank

A large bank with hundreds of branches wanted to track the physical location of their PCs, printers and other computing assets using VLogicFM. The standard product was customized to conduct an initial survey and to periodically conduct audits to determine current locations.
software Subscription
software Subscription

Single Sign-on

The standard package requires all users to sign into the system. A large organization required single sign-on by which users could sign into PCs using an access card and then access VLogicFM without any additional sign-on.

Mail Room Management

VLogicFM workflow allows the system to be configured to suit the business processes specific to an organization. It can extend to other processes that may not be directly related to facilities management. For example, we took advantage of the flexibility of the workflow capability to manage the receipt and transmittal of courier packages in a large organization.
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software Subscription

Project-wise Scheduling

The standard scheduling functionality permits the flexibility of searching for all available desks and rooms. However, an organization needed to limit this only to desks and rooms assigned to certain specific projects associated with the user. This can help ensure co-location among staff working on projects.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Although VLogicFM’s over two dozen modules can meet most organizations’ needs out of the box, we realize that each organization has unique requirements.  The flexibility and modular design of our system is particularly friendly to custom reports, functions, or workflows that could better streamline your use of our software.

Yes, VLogicFM is designed to interoperate with other enterprise-wide systems, provided that your systems have accessible API’s or other standard server-to-server communications protocols.

No, customizations are normally charged separately. However, VLogic will assess your customization requirements and determine if the new feature can be added without additional cost. Additionally, new customers have the potential option of amortizing the customization cost over multiple years, in a bundled, monthly SaaS fee.

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