Asset life cycle, preventive maintenance and work orders
VLogic’s turnkey Drawings-as-a-Service (DaaS) subscription lets customers reap untapped savings and efficiency by using a unique combination of facilities drawing development services and cloud-based software to standardize drawing upkeep, ensure accuracy, and streamline accessibility.

As-built drawings are key sources for determining facility metrics. These metrics are critical for scoping level of effort infacility management projects, including cleaning & maintenance efforts, employee / departmental utilization, and regulatory compliance.

Value Proposition

Given the critical importance of as-built-based metrics, VLogic DaaS is designed to ensure that the drawings themselves are:

  1. Accurate,
  2. Consistent across all facilities; and
  3. Accessible beyond the facility department.

VLogic DaaS uses both software AND services to render the values identified above:

  • Convert paper versions to CAD
  • Develop master composite drawings if none exists, using multiple existing versions
  • Migrate customer space data to VLogicFM, such as room numbers, space functions, room descriptions, etc.
  • Prep and upload all drawings to the cloud
  • Configure the software with customer user information
  • Train customer users
  • Unlimited times during the subscription
  • Rapid turnaround by experts
  • No extra fees beyond the subscription fee
  • Rapid search, beyond file names, by site, building, floor, discipline, description, etc.
  • Centralized access, 24/7 on Web browsers or mobile devices — no complex CAD software needed
  • Built-in version control to eliminate drawing version confusion
  • Intelligent drawings, integrated with facility database containing: IDs, departments, descriptions, dimensions, functions, risk profiles, photos, etc.
  • Drawings-centric search using any of the data fields mentioned above
  • Space utilization reports, ideal for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements and department charge-offs
  • Track cost of space usage by square footage and cost line item/service line
Solution Model

All DaaS components are included in one periodic subscription fee, that is charged monthly, quarterly, or annually, per customers’ preference.

In addition to DaaS, VLogic can also provide the following services on-demand, per separate, project-based statements of work:

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