Our Mission

VLogic Systems is a leading provider of web-based facilities information systems
VLogic is a pioneer in the integrated workspace management software (IWMS) and services industry.
Our Mission

Software-as-a-Service Our flagship software offering, VLogicFM, includes both facility (CAFM) and asset (CMMS) management functionality, in addition to hot desking, office hoteling, and help desk software.

Extensive Service

Accurate drawings and data are the foundation of a powerful facilites management system. Our extensive services range from field surveys and drafting to on-going updating and maintenace of architectural and utilities as-built drawings.


We are determined to give our customers the highest level of customer service and software that is based on accurate, continually updated facility drawings.

Our mantra is:

'Know what you have'

Why? Because our decades of experience in the facilities management space has shown us that customers who invest in facility knowledge are likely to render significant space optimizations that reduce facility costs and streamline operations.

Facility management software
VLogic System our mission

Customer Loyalty

Many VLogic customers have been with us for over 15/20 years. We earned their loyalty through highly responsive customer service and a dedication to building robust software linked to accurate, continually updated facility drawings.

VLogic is headquartered in historic Concord, Massachusetts, just west of Boston.