How to Improve Your Coworking Space Management

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  • November 29, 2023
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Beyond simply providing shared desks and offices, the coworking marketplace is undergoing significant development. Coworking spaces are now becoming hubs of innovation, creativity, and emerging business opportunities.

Whether you presently manage a coworking space or are thinking about starting one, updating your management plan is critical to keeping ahead in this changing economy. This article will help you navigate this difficulty by providing useful recommendations for improving workplace efficiency, establishing a distinct brand identity, cultivating a strong feeling of community among members, and effectively scaling your coworking business.

Space Design Goals

Ensure clarity in your space design goals by defining a clear purpose for utilization. A strategic space management approach often focuses on optimizing floor space, increasing employee productivity, reducing waste, improving health and safety measures, and boosting overall occupant well-being. You can effectively direct the design and arrangement of your space to fulfill specific goals and create a healthy work atmosphere by connecting your objectives with people, place, and processes.

Prioritize Community

Prioritizing community is an essential element for the success of a coworking space. An open workspace with shared workstations and tables, complemented by utilities such as a coffee machine, could be enough for freelancers and remote workers. Offering daily or weekly passes corresponds to this group’s preferences. Attracting entrepreneurs and businesses, on the other hand, necessitates a more thorough approach. It becomes important to provide specialized places in separate rooms, meeting rooms, and configurable offices. 

Meeting room bookings

Meeting room bookings are made easier by coworking spaces. Reduce the likelihood of multiple appointments by incorporating a calendar booking interface into your management software. Consider providing timely reminders or encouraging users to add bookings straight to their calendars to resolve booking cancellations. Use meeting room booking software that allows organizers to add people during the reservation process, reducing the need for separate calendar events and ensuring that available space is used efficiently.

Desk management 

Efficient desk management is essential for coworking spaces, especially when members rent desks individually. Hot desking enables flexible usage and cost savings for team members. Create calendars for each desk to make it easier for office managers to find and assign available workstations. Integration with coworking management software improves this process even more by allowing for a more fluid booking system and optimizing space utilization.

Create different zones in your space.

Effective space design entails separating areas to meet different purposes. Include private/study booths to provide discreet places for focused conversations while maintaining privacy in a community atmosphere. A well-designed open space is vital for any coworking setting, serving as a basic piece. Consider including team rooms to help with group work and collaboration.

Prioritize meeting and brainstorming locations as well to encourage interaction among members. Optimize the use of these areas by customizing them to your audience and region. Define enough break-out places, cafeterias, and rest areas to give members a variety of places for relaxation and informal gatherings. This strategic zoning adds to a dynamic and adaptable coworking environment that meets the different needs of its members.

Redefining Coworking Operations and Marketing through Space Management Software

Standing out in a competitive industry requires a well-crafted business and marketing strategy for coworking space service providers. Furthermore, the use of coworking space management software aids in the optimization of operations and the enhancement of member experiences.

Operational Efficiency: Efficient operations are essential for the success of coworking spaces, and the addition of coworking space management software is a game changer. The software simplifies membership management by centralizing information, payments, and contracts, as well as providing automatic billing and self-service options. A digital inventory system optimizes resource and space management by minimizing multiple bookings and maximizing utilization. With member directories, communication channels, and event management, the software promotes community engagement and improves the entire experience. Furthermore, strong analytics and reporting capabilities provide useful insights for informed decision-making and plan optimization.

Marketing Strategy: Promoting your coworking space effectively requires a combination of traditional and digital techniques. Create a professional website that highlights your distinctive offers, perks, and membership possibilities. Optimize for search engines (SEO) and use social media channels to engage your community and share content. Collaborate with local businesses, startup communities, and industry associations to broaden your reach. Establish referral programs to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Create compelling material on themes such as coworking, entrepreneurship, productivity, and work-life balance, such as blog entries, videos, and podcasts. Use these resources to establish your position as a thought leader on your website and social media.

Feedback and improvements: Gather member feedback regularly via surveys or suggestion boxes, actively addressing complaints to improve operations and marketing initiatives. Understand your customers, construct a unique value proposition, and embrace technology to create an efficient plan for small to mid-sized coworking spaces. Coworking space administration software streamlines membership procedures, optimizes resource utilization, encourages community participation, and provides useful statistics for decision-making. Embrace this potent weapon to build a healthy coworking space that exceeds member expectations and ensures long-term success in the fast-paced market.

Smart Drawings Engine by VLogicFM

The space management software from VLogicFM features a unique user interface built around a native CAD drawings engine. This game-changing ability allows users to effortlessly store, view, and share facility CAD designs without the requirement for third-party software or licenses. Beyond that, the program automatically connects areas and rooms on digital floor plans to a complete database of facility information.

VLogicFM makes it easier for clients to understand metrics, users, and locations by combining rich data with facility drawings. The platform’s massive cloud storage easily scales to handle any volume of data. VLogicFM caters to a wide range of user needs, from facility managers and engineers to occupants arranging rooms or requesting repairs.


As the coworking concept appeals primarily to a younger, tech-savvy demographic, it’s essential to customize your space accordingly. Upgrade your coworking space with cutting-edge digital tools and gadgets to create a truly connected workspace. To keep up with developing technology trends, avoid using obsolete tools and commit to regular upgrades. Choose a high-quality coworking space management tool to efficiently manage and develop your community. Furthermore, prioritize recruiting the right people and ensuring their well-being to build a healthy and friendly work environment.

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