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VLogic’s Hot Desking software/ Office Hoteling solution can dramatically reduce real estate costs through tools that make it possible to maximize the utilization of existing space by letting hybrid office/homework workers share desks and offices.
office hoteling software

The hybrid workplace is here to stay—even after pandemic restrictions recede from the workplace. Over 72% of office workers surveyed want a hybrid arrangement for at least 2 days of the workweek. Trendsetters like Google are projecting that 62% of their employees will be hybrid workers after Covid.

Overall, an expected 50% of the post-Covid workforce will go hybrid.

VLogic’s Hot Desking/Office Hoteling Software Solves Hybrid Needs

With such a large portion of the workforce converting to hybrid workers, there is an opportunity to dramatically reduce real estate costs. However, managers will face a new crop of challenges…all addressable by VLogicFM Scheduling Module:

Hybrid Challenges

VLogicFM Office Hoteling Solution

Also Solves Standard Room Booking Requirements

In addition to meeting the hot-desking and office hoteling needs of a hybrid workforce, the VLogicFM Scheduling module also solves the standard Room Booking requirements of a standard workforce. See the Room Booking page for more information.

VLogicFM’s Streamlined Onboarding Process

VLogic’s hot-desking and office hoteling software uses a streamlined 5-step onboarding process, with two tasks assigned to the customer and the remaining three assigned to VLogic. VLogic services staff will ensure that data migration and configuration will move forward with minimum hassle to the customer.

Office Hoteling Software

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