Real-time Occupancy Tracking Solutions

Optimize the use of space
VLogic’s real-time, sensor-based Tracking module is the latest addition to VLogic’s pioneering VLogicFM™ facility management software platform. The module tracks occupancy data for shared spaces, such as patient exam / conference rooms, and other spaces.
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1. Stakeholder Shared Spaces Requirements

Many enterprises, especially hospitals and healthcare facilities, require immediate access to critical, shared spaces, such as conference and patient exam rooms. The demand for these spaces fluctuates, driven by the ebb and flow of consumer or patient demand.

As a result, facility operators are under constant pressure to provide just enough space to accommodate peak demand without introducing too much, costly space. Furthermore, in the absence of readily available occupancy data, direct consumers of these shared spaces, such as doctors, often complain of a lack of available space—leading to tension between doctors and facility administrators.

In general, stakeholders have two main space requirements:
  1. Operations managers need a way of planning for future demand based on actual occupancy data, to better answer questions about how much space should be removed, modified, or added to the facility.
  2. Direct consumers need a way to immediately locate available shared spaces in real-time.

2. Solving Stakeholder Requirements

The Tracking module offers the following solutions to stake holder needs:

a. Facility Manager Needs



b. Direct Consumer’s Needs


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3. Tracking Module Components & Architecture

The Tracking module offers the following solutions to stake holder needs:

1. Components
The Tracking module relies on both hardware and software to track live and historic occupancy data. It is designed as a “plug-n-play” system with a minimal IT footprint. The system includes the following components:.

2. Architecture

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real-time tracking is the ability to automatically determine motion, pressure, humidity, temperature, location and other environmental changes to spaces, objects and people, in real time — typically in a facility or building. VLogicFM Tracking currently tracks motion/occupancy, but the same general model can be used to track other environmental changes with different sensors, per customer demand.

You will need three things: (1) Sensors, preferably wireless, to detect the specific environmental change you are tracking; (2) Network gateways to collect sensor data and transmit it to your collection point; (3) a software system to automatically collect and interpret your sensor information.

Yes, VLogicFM Tracking is a complete, turnkey solution. We will provide all hardware and software you need to install, configure, and activate a real-time tracking system.

No. VLogicFM Tracking is completely independent of your facility LAN. Neither the sensors nor our cellular network gateways require any access to your LAN. Our real-time tracking solution operates over a standard cellular network, such as Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.

No. VLogicFM Tracking is designed to be “plug-n-play.” The steps are straightforward and can be performed by anyone who is familiar with your facility: (1) We configure all sensors and gateways before we ship them to you; (2) Upon receipt of the hardware shipment, you install the sensors on the ceiling of any room you wish to track; (3) plug your gateways in a central location — the gateway only needs a regular wall outlet for power. The rest is automatically taken care of by our cloud-based IWMS software, VLogicFM Tracking.

You will need: (1) As-builts module, (2) Space module, and (3) Tracking module. Administrative and user configuration modules are automatically enabled upon activating these three modules.

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