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Optimize the use of space
Good enterprise facility management is founded on a firm grasp of operating costs, a clear view into how space is utilized, and the right tools to manage it all. Customers deploy VLogicFM®, VLogic’s pioneering, integrated space management software solution, to keep track of facility metrics and streamline space utilization.

Typical Space Management Software Use Cases

Location-based Solutions for Complex Facility Problems

VLogicFM Smart Drawings Engine

VLogicFM’s space management software pioneered a user interface centered around a native CAD drawings engine. This drawings engine lets users store, display, and share facility CAD drawings without the need for third-party software or licenses. Furthermore, our space management software intelligently links spaces and rooms on these digital floorplans to a rich database of related facility information.

For customers, the linking of rich data to facility drawings greatly simplifies that task of understanding What facility metrics they have, Who is using it, and Where it is located.

The Problem: How to Make Sense of Facility Data

Space Management

Many of VLogic’s customers must manage complex facilities with hundreds of thousands of square feet of multi-purpose space. The biggest problem is not how much data needs to be stored and managed. VLogicFM’s massive cloud storage resources can easily ramp up to accommodate practically any volume of data.

Rather, the real issue, is how to organize the data and display it in a context that makes sense to facility users. VLogicFM users range from facility managers/engineers to facility occupants who want to schedule rooms or request facility repair services. They all have different usage requirements.

The Solution: Leverage As-built Floorplans in Space Management Software

However, all users share one thing in common: they are all oriented to the facility’s buildings, floors, and rooms. VLogicFM’s space management software leverages this common denominator by linking multiple layers of rich facility metrics to the same CAD floor plans used to design and construct the facility.

Facility data is divided into a spatial heirarchy consisting of sites, buildings, floors and rooms—all anchored to accurate CAD floor plan drawings.

Tap or click on a room in a VLogicFM floor plan to instantly see its square footage and the space functions and properties linked to that space—including ancillary files such as photos and documents. Finding a room by its number, function, or description is a snap. The space  management software’s advanced search function let’s you rapidly find room properties in a data grid AND on the floor plan.

Space Management

For example, a search for rooms with the function “Patient Exam” will not only result in rows and columns of data, but also highlight each Patient Exam room on the floor plan—AND give you the total number and square footage of all rooms in your search results.

VLogicFM’s drawings-centric user interface makes it easy to navigate through the many layers of complex facility data without getting lost in the minute of database tables and never-ending spreadsheet cells.

Negligible IT Footprint

Space Management

VLogicFM’s space management software’s smart drawing engine is native to its solution. That is, users will NOT be required to install any third-party software, browser plug-ins, or pay for any additional third-party software licenses. It’s all built in.

CAD files can be displayed and shared by using a standard web browser or iOS/Android device. This saves customers from paying for expensive third-party CAD viewing software licenses. Furthermore, as there is nothing to install, customer IT teams are freed up to do other valuable tasks.

Key Space Management Software Questions

What?                   |                   Who?                   |                   Where?

Space management software

VLogicFM’s user-friendly web/mobile user interface makes it easy to answer three, broad questions that lie at the heart of any space management software’s facility mission:

  • What do I have?
  • Who is using it?
  • Where is it located?

Answers to these questions help facility managers proactively manage their facility resources for maximum efficiency and cost reduction. 

The following tables outline how VLogicFM addresses these major questions by listing typical facility requirements on the left with matching VLogicFM software solutions on the right.

What Do I Have?

Customer Requirements

Facility Drawings & Documents

Static drawings & miscellaneous documents

VLogicFM Solutions

Master as-built drawings

As-built module
Facility Metrics
Space module

Who is Using It?

Customer Requirements

Space Utilization
Department-level Distribution Inquiries

VLogicFM Solutions

Space module
Employee-level Inquiries
Employee module

Where is it Located?

Customer Requirements

Space Utilization
Share Common Spaces

VLogicFM Solutions

Room Bookings
Hybrid Workforce
Hot Desking/Office Hoteling
Actual Occupancy Status

Other Asset Tracking (CMMS) Solutions

In addition to space management software modules, VLogicFM also includes modules for tracking and managing assets (see CMMS solution) and work order schedules (see Work Orders, PM & Help Desk).

Customer Stories

Department of Veterans Affairs New England Regions automates space planning and management using VLogicFM

US Department of Veterans Affairs New England Region (VISN 1) operates 11 medical centers comprising about 9 million square feet of buildings.  The VA decided to develop a network wide IWMS that would provide an integrated planning capability, improve the execution of the business processes at the medical centers…

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everything you need to view CAD drawings is already built-in to our VLogicFM cloud-based solution. You can also view non-CAD drawings and related documents in over 70 file formats, including .dwg, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .txt, .doc, etc. All you need is a web browser or iOS/Android smart device.

Yes, we do support BOMA standards. Our space management solution contains two types of space boundaries, one drawn through wall centerlines and the other just inside the walls. Using these, the system apportions common areas for rental calculations

We can manage space assignments to any organizational structure. For example, you may have divisions, departments, cost centers, and teams. Our space management solution can track space assignment to each entity.

This feature in our space management solution is commonly used by our customers. They recognize that space is expensive and ranks next to wages in employee costs. Using our system, managers can view actual usage and make decisions on how to optimally use available space and data-driven decisions on leases and new constructions.

Absolutely yes. One of the main reasons customers purchase our software is to streamline the complex process of running space distribution reports to delineate clinical and non-clinical spaces AND provide square footage metrics in compliance with Medicare/Medicaid requirements.

Yes. VLogicFM’s Real Estate module is designed to store your documents on the cloud, for easy access, highlight key contract values like lease amounts and timing of payments, and alert you to lease termination dates and other critical lease-related milestones.

Yes. VLogicFM renders a number of space utilization reports including reports filtered by department assignments, stacking plan reports for department seat utilization, even actual, real-time occupancy space utilization reports by our IoT-based Tracking software module (see Furthermore, all these reports are exportable to MS Excel, MS Word, or PDF.

VLogicFM’s Scheduling module is designed specifically to address the needs of the hybrid workforce. The space management software can not only track all seats and offices on an office floor plan, it can also set apart a number of these specifically for “hot desking” purposes. That is, these hot desk assignments allow these rooms to be shared between multiple hybrid workers. The reservation system is on the cloud so workers can access the booking system via mobile device or laptop web browser from anywhere and at any time. See the Scheduling page for more details:

VLogicFM is designed to link rich database fields to specific spaces on your facility floor plans. You can link room numbers, descriptions, space function, floor/ceiling finishes, risk status, department assignment, and many more attributes. You can do advanced searches against these attributes to not only show the resulting room numbers in rows and columns but also highlight where on the floorplan these spaces are located. For example, you can show all spaces that have a space function “patient exam” on a data grid, highlight each patient exam room on the floor plan drawing AND total up the square footage of these patient exam rooms.

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