Drawings Maintenance & Updating

Keep your drawings and data accurate all the time

VLogic’s drawing and data maintenance services help you keep all your drawings and data updated on an on-going basis. Overcome the pitfalls of insufficient internal resources.

Once your as-builts are in a vectorized CAD composite format, they need to be kept up to date. Changes happen frequently. You may be doing internal drawing projects, or you may receive design drawings from your architects and engineers. 

Often, these remodeling drawings apply only to sections of buildings. Typically, these projects need to be field verified and created as ‘as-built’ drawings. And any existing as-built CAD drawings will also need to be accurately updated to reflect those renovations. VLogic wants to be your partner for all your drawing needs and updates. If you outsource your drawing work to VLogic, you can confidently depend on VLogic to make sure that your drawings are always current.

Data and drawings are the pair that form a facilities information system. As part of implementing a facilities information system, data elements need to be collected, validated and attached to drawings. Even after the system is fully implemented and on stream the data needs to be monitored and modified. VLogic’s on-going data maintenance services can relieve you from all data management tasks. You can rest assured that with the VLogic program in place, your data, along with the drawings, is always current.

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