As-Built Verification Surveys

Services to develop accurate drawings and data


Field verification is integral to VLogic’s process to develop as-built drawings. Existing drawings may not truly show current conditions.

In most facilities, changes occur frequently and they may not all be documented. And even if the design documentation exists, as-built conditions may be quite different from designs. This situation requires field verification. Field verification focuses on what is significant from a management point of view. Experience and expertise are important factors when performing field verification. VLogic has both.

As-Builts Drawings
Create accurate as-built drawings for facility planning, maintenance, operations, compliance and reporting.

Drawings are the foundation of all facilities management systems. Accurate drawings in a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system format depicting current layouts inside and outside of buildings are essential for operations, maintenance, and planning purposes. VLogic has extensive experience in developing and maintaining all types of facility drawings and has created drawings for thousands of buildings owned by hundreds of customers in a variety of markets (i.e. medical, government, education, etc.).

Facility departments are continuously faced with a major challenge: managing as-built drawings. Typically, some facility drawings are still on paper. Even if they are electronic, they may not have been updated since the time they were created. Different sections of the building may have been constructed at different times, and none of the drawings may show a ‘total view’. The drawings may simply be piled up somewhere, while technicians spend hours and hours locating the one, they need. When they do locate it, it may contain outdated information. Typically, it is difficult to share paper and Mylar drawings and layouts, especially those that have been marked up, with your architects and consultants, or pass on the only copy you have, for fear it may not be returned.

VLogic field staff and drafters have extensive experience in developing as-built drawings.  They have developed processes and methodologies to create as-builts in 2D and 3D CAD and BIM models.

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