Virtual Plan Room

Cloud-based Drawing Management Software

One of the most persistent problems facing complex facilities, such as hospitals and large commercial sites, is the lack of a coherent storage and management system for critical architectural and utility as-built drawings. It is often difficult to readily retrieve drawings when you need them for compliance surveys, maintenance, and capital planning.

Drawing Management

Facility drawings are often scattered across the organization, or manifest in multiple formats—from CAD to paper. Even when facility managers have the foresight to digitize these drawings, its still a chore to find the right version of a specific drawing. Cryptic file names, lack of document management tools, and less than useful search tools hamper user retrieval efforts.

In sum, the following solutions are needed:

Drawing Management

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

- Benjamin Franklin

VLogicFM Virtual Plan Room Drawing Management Software

The cloud-based VLogicFM Plan Room software module handily meets AND beats these identified requirements:

Drawing Management

1. Centralized Storage

  • VLogicFM is hosted on the cloud, giving users 24/7 access, from anywhere…a boon for the growing hybrid workforce that work from both home and the traditional office.
  • All uploads & downloads are secured with SSL encryption.
  • Sustainable cloud infrastructure provides software, hardware and network redundancies.

cloud based Drawing Management

2. Digital File Formats

  • VLogicFM can store and view up to 70 digital file formats, including .dwg (CAD), .pdf files, .png, .tif, etc. —formats for both drawings and non-drawing documents. The system can also store .rvt (Revit) and other 3D files.
  • Upload, download, view, and share your files from your web browser or mobile device—without the need for installing any plug-ins or purchasing expensive third-party licenses.

Drawing Management

3. Fast Document Retrieval

  • Accelerate document retrieval by linking whatever additional search terms you want to each file: project name/number, project year, drawing discipline, author, version number, etc.
  • Ensure easy access by collecting related drawings and documents into VLogicFM groups or virtual folders.
  • Groups are highly flexible and can be organized any way you wish: by project name, project age, types of drawings, etc.

Drawing Management

4. Optimized Document Sharing

  • VLogicFM takes document sharing to a whole new level. Its robust access control system lets you finely manage how your drawings are shared.
    • For example, if you create VLogicFM groups based on drawing disciplines (architectural, plumbing, mechanical, etc.), you can share specific groups with corresponding contractors:
      • Architectural drawings with A&E professionals, plumbing drawings with plumbers, electrical drawings with electricians, etc.
    • Contractors love this, because they only see the drawings they need to get the job done.
    • Facilities managers love this because this “as-needed” viewing model keeps the rest of your documents secure.
  • For additional security, VLogicFM also lets you limit the duration users (such as contractors) can access your files.
  • VLogicFM increases document sustainability and minimizes printing & courier expenses..

Customer Stories

Large hospital chain uses VLogic to manage all their engineering documentation.

A large healthcare organization with its regional headquarters in Maryland has over 35,000 drawings covering over 30 hospitals and large clinics.  These drawings represented construction and remodeling history of every building some as old as over sixty years.  They were in different formats, some in PDF, CAD, and other electronic formats and some still on paper…

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In addition to desktop computers, VLogicFM is accessible on mobile devices such as iPhones or Android devices. With internet access, you can access the app anytime, anywhere.

The drawings library can store drawings AND non-drawings files. Over 70 file formats are accommodated, including .dwg, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .txt, .doc, etc.

Yes. You can grant external contractors the same rights as permanent users, or limit them to temporary access over a window of time. You can also limit the files and functions they can access.

Yes. VLogicFM’s access controls are granular and let administrators grant editing rights to qualified users while giving view-only rights to lesser qualified users.

Standard networked storage has few search capabilities beyond file name, file dates, path, etc. The drawings library provides faster, context-sensitive search, based on much more data: project name, revision number, drawing discipline, location, architect name, etc.

The drawings library’s Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure provides redundant hardware across the entire network. User files are not located on single hard drives, but across banks of storage devices in a data center(s), eliminating hardware backup concerns.

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