Work Orders, PM & Help Desk

Asset life cycle, preventive maintenance and work orders
VLogic Strategic Asset Management and CMMS solution provides life cycle management of your assets including all functions of preventive maintenance and on-demand work orders.
Strategic asset management is a challenge all organizations face. Tracking the entire life-cycle from acquisition to disposal is the key to strategic asset management. Keeping assets in proper condition requires scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) and execution of unscheduled work orders.

Drawing Connectivity VLogic CMMS system leaves competition behind with its drawing connectivity.  Show where the assets are located in drawings and their relationships with other objects graphically. Establish a relationship between assets and their connectivity. For example, graphically show rooms supplied by an air handling unit. Shut-off a medical gas valve and show outlets that would be impacted.

Attach documents to your assets – user manuals, photographs, detailed drawings, and installation data. With one touch, instantly extract all documentation linked to each asset.

Preventive Maintenance Keep PM schedules on the CMMS system.  The system will issue PM work orders on a periodic basis.  Track work order execution.  What has failed, what has passed and what is waiting for parts or labor.

On-demand Work Orders Let all your employees or customers directly register their problems or complaints on the system.  No need to make a phone call. The system will process the request and issue a work order to take care of the problem.

Track Work Order Costs Accurately track costs of executing work orders.  Labor hours, spare parts, and tools. Charge the costs to a cost center or any general ledger item including customers.

52 – Week Calendar View Look at a calendar and see each day’s or week’s expected work orders.  Plan and schedule your technicians’ time effectively.

History and Predictive Maintenance VLogic CMMS system keeps the entire maintenance history of your assets.  Analyze the history with performance specs and make predictions about assets’ future performance.

Customizable Workflow Not all organizations operate the same way. Decision making process varies. Work order approvals take different paths depending on the type of work and the cost. VLogic’s customizable workflow is the answer to this challenge.

Track Your KPIs Establish your own Key Performance Indicators and track how your organization is meeting them.

Dashboards and Management Reports VLogic CMMS provides a vast array of management reports.  The system comes preloaded with many of them.  Or the system can be configured for more.  Display the reports as dashboards.

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