Room Scheduling Software


VLogicFM’s user-friendly web and mobile interfaces make it easy to schedule conferences and meeting rooms at anytime and from anywhere you have a laptop or smart device.
Room Scheduling Software

Enabling Collaboration

While some facility workforces are taking advantage of VLogicFM’s Hot Desking features to realize savings by sharing office seats amongst a hybrid workforce (see Scheduling: Hot Desking page), others are using the same room scheduling software to enable a more streamlined room booking process for shared common areas, such as conference rooms and patient exam rooms.

Making this process more efficient enhances collaboration between occupants of these shared spaces.

VLogicFM’s Room Scheduling Software Streamline’s Room Booking

VLogicFM uses a centralized room booking system located in the cloud. This means that users can access the reservation system 24/7 from anywhere. This powerful system fully addresses enterprise room scheduling challenges:

Room Booking Challenges

VLogicFM Room Scheduling Solution

VLogicFM’s Room Scheduling Software Streamline’s Room Booking

VLogicFM’s Room scheduling/Hot desking software uses a streamlined 5-step onboarding process, with two tasks assigned to the customer and the remaining three assigned to VLogic. VLogic services staff will ensure that data migration and configuration will move forward with minimum hassle to the customer.

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