The Future of Workplace Optimization: Exploring the Benefits of IWMS

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  • January 22, 2024
IWMS Software

The workplace has undergone a significant transformation in recent years due to technology such as IWMS software. The globalization and advancement of workplace technologies allow employees to work remotely, leading to increased expectations for flexibility. The growing presence of the gig economy is making employees feel less attached to both their workplaces and employers. Enhancing the employee experience is now a top priority for workplace leaders due to the increasing importance of attracting and retaining top talent. In this article, we’ll explore how IWMS plays a crucial role in workplace optimization.

What is an Integrated Workplace Management System?

A software platform known as an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) integrates all aspects of real estate and facilities management into a single, dynamic system. Facility managers, space managers, real estate professionals, and leadership teams commonly utilize IWMS software to effectively manage and potentially optimize assets, offices, and large-scale facilities.

IWMS software simplifies workplace management by consolidating various tasks into one platform and generating actionable reports from workplace data analytics. CFOs, HR professionals, leadership, and other decision-makers can utilize these reports to support various goals and initiatives, such as enhancing employee experience and optimizing real estate.  

Why is IWMS Important for Workplaces?

An IWMS solution collects and produces data and metrics related to various aspects of managing real estate and facilities portfolios, including operating expenses, maintenance oversight, and floor plans, among others. It then combines the data to give a comprehensive overview of your real estate and facilities portfolio. Utilizing this data can lead to expense reduction, quick adaptation to occupant demands, informed workspace decisions, and meeting sustainability goals. IWMS offers clear visibility into the corporate real estate portfolio with dashboards, mobile apps, and responsive interfaces. By addressing questions such as space allocation, they enable improved business processes and enhance operational resilience and efficiency.

The foundation of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) lies in the utilization of technologies such as computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software and computerized maintenance management system software (CMMS). CAFM software helps you easily manage everything related to physical infrastructures. In the same way, CMMS utilizes data to enhance the efficiency of managing assets and maintaining facilities, which includes equipment, infrastructure, and other physical assets. While it is possible for organizations to utilize multiple CAFM and CMMS solutions, the lack of integration and data sharing among these solutions can cause inefficiencies and data inconsistencies. An IWMS platform combines CAFM and CMMS to give you a complete picture of your assets and how they interact.

Benefits of IWMS

Through the implementation of IWMS software, you can achieve the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

The responsibilities of facility managers and workplace leaders have increased in the past few years. Their responsibilities now extend beyond buildings to include managing people, technology, and business strategy. With this increased workload, they have less time for managing service requests or rearranging workspaces for new employees. With IWMS software, workplace leaders have access to all the functionalities they need in one platform. By using a cloud based IWMS, they have the ability to access it anywhere, including on their mobile devices. This enables them to handle smaller tasks with ease, freeing them up to concentrate on larger priorities. 

Greater Flexibility and Collaboration

IWMS software enables workplace leaders to effortlessly track space usage and availability. The power of IWMS software is further enhanced when combined with a workplace app and other digital workplace solutions. Using their smartphone, employees can easily locate and book a room for collaboration, with instant notifications for others. Once they finish brainstorming, they can find a peaceful spot to work on a presentation. This allows employees to work from anywhere, even without a dedicated desk or daily office presence. 

Improved Cost Management

Having better information about space utilization, maintenance, and other facility management aspects can significantly reduce costs. Workplace leaders have the option to bring various departments together on one floor to get rid of unused space. They can also track the frequency of meeting room usage each week and make maintenance adjustments as needed. 

Asset Management

Asset Management modules in an IWMS setup provide a comprehensive view of asset life cycles. This includes keeping track of inventory levels, monitoring maintenance schedules, calculating depreciation, and closely monitoring performance. By centralizing these processes, resource allocation becomes more efficient and informed decisions can be made about asset utilization, maintenance, and upgrades.

Increased Compliance

From health and safety to lease accounting, companies of different sizes are required to comply with a wide range of regulations. The task of gathering data from multiple systems and devices can easily become time-consuming. By organizing data in a standardized system, an IWMS resolves this problem and streamlines compliance and reporting procedures. 

Decision Support

Making quick and accurate decisions is crucial in today’s business environment. Facility Managers and Real Estate managers face high pressure due to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, budget constraints, and other economic factors. Decision making processes require reliable and integrated management information. IWMS software helps you make better decisions with reports, analyses, dashboards, and benchmarks. Besides regular reports, IWMS lets companies make custom reports or analyses using past trends and future predictions.

Why Choose VLogic’s IWMS?

VLogic System’s IWMS software integrates the features of both CAFM (Space Management) and CMMS (Asset Management) software into a single, cloud-based platform. The integrated features of the software allow for the sharing of common resources, such as as-built drawings, across all CMMS and CAFM functionalities. With our IWMS solutions, facility managers can control all users through a unified Administration module, regardless of the functionality they employ. It also enables generating more comprehensive reports using metrics and status data from all areas of the platform, not just limited to CMMS or CAFM data. Get in touch with VLogic today to discuss how IWMS can benefit your organization.

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