Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software is a solution designed to streamline preventative maintenance schedules and tasks for facility assets and building systems, including on-demand work request management schedules and tasks.


VLogic’s CMMS solution is designed to help facility managers track asset inventories and maintain building systems across three general areas:

  1. Asset Tracking
  2. Preventative Maintenance
  3. Work Request/Complaint Management

I. Asset Tracking


II. Preventative Maintenance


III. Work Request/Complaint Management

Frequently Asked Questions

VLogicFM sets itself apart from the competition with a powerful, drawings-centric model. All assets and asset systems can be linked to architectural and utility as-built drawings, resulting in a substantial boost in maintenance usability. For example, you can find the shut-off valve to a leaky sprinkler head in seconds. Just click on the symbol for the leaky sprinkler head and select “Show connection” to highlight and blink the location of the shut-off valve on the drawings.

No. Drawings are not mandatory. However, drawing connectivity significantly enhances the maintenance process, as demonstrated in the above answer.

Yes. VLogicFM has powerful and customizable workflow functionality that includes an easy-to-use graphic editor for dragging and dropping workflow objects that represent different tasks and actions in your workflow process. You can also configure notification processes and even escalation workflows.

VLogic’s help desk solution, Task Manager, streamlines the complaint management process with four key benefits: (1) Users can easily access the cloud-based tool 24/7 from anywhere; (2) Any building occupant is empowered to request a work order from their mobile devices via a simple, easy to use mobile interface; (3) the same easy interface can be used by managers and technicians to assign tasks to available respondents; (4) managers can track and supervise the entire process from the Work Order module, including reports and workflow management.

Absolutely. Some of our customers use non-VLogic CMMS or ERP systems for tracking and supply chain purposes, but use VLogicFM Work Order and Task Manager for managing occupant work requests and complaints. Others used our user-friendly Work Order module for rendering PM reports.

Absolutely. We developed a web app called Task Manager, that you can access either on a desktop web browser or on a mobile phone, that is designed specifically for making it easy for regular users, not just facility engineers, to submit and track work requests when the HVAC or other office asset breaks in your office.

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