Room Scheduling & Hoteling/Hot desking

  • September 23, 2020 2:00 pm EDT

VLogic Systems, Inc. invites you to attend a free webinar on Hoteling/Hot-desking using CAFM systems.

Employee and Space costs are among the top expense items for any facility. With the coronavirus pandemic and the new normal, Tele-Health and Tele-Work environments have become the need of the hour, which requires better ways of managing space.

Automation of Room Scheduling and extending self-service Room Booking facilities to employees can go a long way in optimizing the use of schedulable spaces like meeting rooms. Exam rooms, etc. Hoteling/Hot-desking is reservation-based seating, where employees can book a workspace such as a desk, cubicle or office room before they come to work. Replacing the assignment of fixed workspaces to employees with hot-desking can also lead to optimization of workspaces.

Benefits of Scheduling/Hoteling

  • Potential savings on real estate costs
    • Employees are assigned workspaces based on need
    • Accommodate more employees in less office space
    • Investments in space can be optimized
  • Increased employee productivity
    • Automate booking of meeting rooms, exam rooms, etc.
    • Collaboration facilitated at ease
  • Automate bookings and maximize space utilization
    • Select a floor and see space availability on the floor plan
    • See the bookings of selected space in a calendar view
    • Easy to book a workspace from your phone