Discover $Millions in Savings using VLogicFM

  • January 20, 2022 2:00 pm EDT
VLogic Systems

How VLogicFM converts your facility into a strategic asset and saves millions using: Office scheduling, Hot-desking, & Real-time Occupancy Tracking 

The last three VLogic Space Management webinars showed you how VLogicFM helps you determine WHAT facilities resources you have, WHERE they are located, and WHO is using them.

This next webinar focuses directly on the real savings and values that you can render if you deploy this leading integrated workspace management system (IWMS).

Hands-on ROI
For example, you could save up to $3M in space costs annually, for a 4k-employee facility that deploys a hybrid workspace based on trends forecast by industry experts. Join us for a walk-through of 3 typical scenarios that can render real value:

Scenario 1:  Calculate potential space and dollar savings using a worksheet with typical hybrid workforce assumptions:

  • Facility sqft, # employees, cost/sqft, typical space usage per employee, etc.
  • Expected hybrid workforce trends BEFORE and AFTER Covid-19

Scenario 2:  Use VLogicFM’s seat forecasting tool to instantly determine:

  • How many seats do you need over time-based on your hot-desk seat number input
  • Incorporate hybrid savings into multi-year, future planning

Scenario 3:  Compare traditional space planning vs real-time occupancy planning

  • Avoid costly new construction mistake
  • Optimize the space you already have


  1. Summary of last 3 Space Management webinars in view of Industry trends
  2. Discover potential ROI by walking through three scenarios
  3. Q&A