Life Safety Management & Inspection Using a CAFM System

  • November 18, 2020 2:00 pm EDT

Go Mobile, No more paper forms for FLS Inspection!!!

Your key L-S components require periodic inspection.  Fire doors, extinguishers, and exit signs all require inspection regularly, some as frequently as once a month.  Multiply this by the number of these devices at your facility, you have literally thousands of inspections a month.    VLogic has created an L-S Inspection Mobile App to help you manage this effectively.

Walk around, scan the L-S component’s barcode to retrieve the data from the central server.  See all information – fire rating, material, its past history, and so on.  And a checklist that you go through.  Mark pass/failure and your comments. All data gets stored on the server.

  • Reports on the desktop
  •  Get the monthly/ yearly status
  • Verify with floor plans
  • Access the system from anywhere
  • Work Order for Remediation