Continual Life Safety Compliance Using a CAFM System

  • August 5, 2020 2:00 pm EDT

VLogic Systems, Inc, invites you to attend a free webinar on Continual Life Safety Compliance.

Preparation for your life safety compliance audit can be burdensome in terms of effort and complexity – what if you could maintain compliance on a continual basis?

We can discuss a number of best practices and related examples that can support Continual Life Safety Compliance:

  • Automating the capture and maintenance of key information
  • Implementation of checkpoints to facilitate compliance as part of a continual process
  • Live access to code change updates
  • Consultation with experts


  • Provides the ability to respond to TJC surveys with confidence, based on current, accurate, and easily accessible life safety code information on SOCs and intelligent life safety drawings
  • Optimizes tracking and monitoring of deficiencies, from discovery to closure, including critical ILSM evaluations
  • Improves responsiveness to TJC surveyor queries, using automated tools from your office, or using smart devices as part of the inspection walkthrough
  • Availability of Intelligent Life Safety drawings lets you display multiple revisions to enable before and after comparisons of deficiencies