Room Scheduling & Hot Desking

Improve productivity. Minimize costs

VLogic’s Room Scheduling & Hot Desking Solution dramatically reduces real estate costs by maximizing utilization of existing office space through hybrid office/home work arrangements..

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The hybrid workplace is here to stay—even after the 2020 pandemic restrictions recede from the workplace. Over 72% of office workers surveyed want a hybrid arrangement for at least 2 days of the work week. Trend setting companies are projecting about 60% of their employees will be hybrid workers after Covid.

Solving Hybrid Workplace Needs.

With such a large portion of the workforce converting to hybrid workers, there is an opportunity to dramatically reduce real estate costs by adopting  a hot desking strategy. However, managers will face a new crop of challenges…all addressable by VLogicFM Scheduling Module for hot desking and room booking.

Hybrid Challenges

VLogicFM Solution

VLogicFM uses a streamlined 5-step onboarding process, with two tasks assigned to the customer and the remaining three assigned to VLogic. VLogic services staff will ensure that data migration and configuration will move forward with minimum hassle to the customer.
Frequently Asked Questions

Hot desking is a desk sharing model where facility providers create an inventory of work office desks that can be shared between multiple employees. This arrangement is a response to the rising number of workers who work partly from home and partly from the traditional office.

Like hot desking, office hoteling is also a shared space model, only geared to office rooms, rather than desks. Otherwise, the concept is the same.

VLogicFM gives you all the hot desking functions you need: (1) Centralized booking/reservation system on the cloud, to reserve bookings from home or office, (2) Check-in process to reduce employee overbookings, (3) Approval process for automated or human-involved booking approvals, and (4) Robust notification mechanisms over SMS or email, for streamlining stakeholder communications.

By sharing desks and rooms between multiple workers, companies can reduce the overall need for more real estate. Given that office real estate is usually a huge capital cost, this represents substantial savings.

Hot desking gives employees more choice in where they work, improving their wellbeing, increasing job satisfaction, and relief from habitual office routines.

Absolutely. VLogicFM is extremely flexible. Users can book desks or rooms one date at a time, by recurring dates, or by standard work shifts. The user has control of which days to work, or not work.

Yes. The system can be configured for supervisor-only bookings or the more typical user-based bookings.

Absolutely. We developed a mobile app called VL Scheduler that is designed specifically for making it easy for regular users, not just facility engineers, to reserve and manage their own room/seat bookings. VL Scheduler is available free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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