Customer Stories

Abu Dhabi’s large bank initiates project to manage their assets

One of the largest banks in Abu Dhabi owns a huge inventory of assets including IT assets such as laptops and printers. Spread across hundreds of branches and back-office facilities, these assets tend to move around caused by an employee and functional moves and growth. However, the bank lacked a proper system to track the ownership, location, and associated software.

The bank selected VLogic and its Dubai-based partner ePillars to assess the situation and implement a corporate-wide system that had the promise of realizing for the bank big savings. The initial phase of the project consisted of locating the physical assets, affixing barcodes, and validating key data about each asset. Once the organization establishes a dependable database of “know what you have” the next step is to establish the business process for asset movement. This should be done through VLogic’s asset management system which maintains data on assets – what they are and where they are.

Bank management knows on a real-time basis the status of all assets and they can make decisions on redeployment which occurs frequently based on accurate data. Tracking invariably leads to a reduction in losses, asset upkeep, and increased productivity.