Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software is a next-gen facility management solution that integrates the features of both CAFM (space management) and CMMS (asset management) software into a single, cloud-based software platform.
VLogic’s IWMS software offering, VLogicFM, includes a comprehensive suite of tools that enable operations managers to improve facility budget planning, raise space productivity, increase safety standards, improve occupant satisfaction, and streamline facility operations. VLogic’s IWMS software makes it far easier to manage facilities because it avails managers of the critical metrics and reports they need to do their jobs efficiently and at less cost to the organization.

Power of Integration

As its name suggests, IWMS software is a turnkey solution that integrates all the features and functions of both CMMS and CAFM software in one software package. IWMS achieves this by creating a platform upon which multiple functional modules are deployed to address each of the functional needs that were previously deployed separately in CMMS and CAFM tools. See our blog article, “What is IWMS?”, for more details on how IWMS subsumed its two predecessors.

IWMS software makes it possible to not only perform the tasks you could do before with CMMS/CAFM, but also improve efficiencies by sharing access control, common network/software resources, AND combining the rich data harvest from across the platform, for improved reporting and context.

The following table provides a high-level overview of the menu of features an IWMS software platform now makes possible, including new, integrated features:

“Coming together is a
beginning. Keeping together
is progress. Working
together is success."

- Henry Ford





Frequently Asked Questions

IWMS software dramatically improves how a complex facility is managed, resulting in operational efficiencies. Specifically, IWMS benefits customers by: (1) reducing cost, (2) raising safety standards, (3) increasing space productivity, (4) improving occupant satisfaction, and (5) streamlining facility operations. A detailed blog post on these top 5 benefits is posted here: “Top 5 Benefits of IWMS Software

You can choose just the software modules you need to run your facility. There are two base modules you need to purchase for administrative and user configuration, but everything else can be activated on demand.

Yes, VLogicFM can greatly complement your existing CMMS tools. As mentioned in FAQ 1.2 above, you can choose to activate whatever specific space management modules you want to use to complement your existing CMMS platform. For example, you could activate essential space management modules to start: As-built, Space, and Employee. Later, you could turn on additional space management modules Scheduling and Tracking to enable hot-desking and real-time occupancy tracking features, respectively.

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