Reasons why you need Drawing Management Software

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  • February 19, 2024
Drawing Management Software

A detailed illustration, known as a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, provides a comprehensive overview of the components involved in engineering, manufacturing, or architectural projects, in either 2D or 3D. Engineers utilize specialized software to create CAD drawings, which not only enhances the quality of design but also facilitates document-based communication within organizations. Companies can utilize a drawing management system to enhance important measures, such as boosting efficiency and productivity and minimizing the need for rework.

Let’s explore the reasons why drawing management software is important for organizations.

Support CAD and BIM File Formats

Engineering files are usually more complicated than regular office or PDF documents, whether they contain 2D or 3D models, lidar images, or TIF scans. An example of this is that DWG files can have meta-data attributes and links to other files. Working with advanced CAD file features is not possible in general file management systems. Furthermore, they generally don’t offer an effortless way to view these files without installing specific software on your laptop or smartphone.

Provides Better Document Control

To ensure accuracy and approval, engineering changes must be controlled and tracked. Controlling documents becomes extremely challenging, or even impossible, when managing in a Windows share, especially with a large volume of document changes. Generic document management systems might offer workflow features but customizing them to fit your engineering workflow can be time-consuming and costly.

Facilitates Project Collaboration

The ability for project stakeholders to upload, review, mark up, and quality check changes to drawings and other project documentation is usually missing in file management and generic document management systems. This often means that a considerable amount of the process is handled through traditional means like email, paper, or, in the worst-case scenario, solely relying on someone’s memory.

Features of Drawing Management System

Central Repository: A designated central hub for managing engineering documents, offering a unified access point for users within and outside your organization.

Security: Users can be assigned access to relevant documentation through a precise permission system.

Native file Viewing: Although not necessary, many drawing management systems now offer the ability to preview and annotate documents without requiring proprietary software.

Document Retrieval: Retrieving documents is made effortless with the search or browse features.

Application Integrations: CAD-specific file formats like DWG, DGN, or RVT are commonly integrated into drawing management systems. By seamlessly integrating with different formats, an efficient drawing management system handles title block and XREF management, file viewing, PDF generation, and more.

Secure file Sharing: In addition, drawing management systems typically enable easy and controlled sharing of documents with stakeholders through transmittals or file shares.

Controlled Documents: Offers a system to handle regulated documents. An approval workflow typically manages changes to controlled documents, ensuring a comprehensive revision history and audit log are maintained. This feature enables you to easily return to a specific document revision and see the history of edits.

Document Archive: When a document life cycle is coming to an end, such as when an asset is being decommissioned, it becomes necessary to preserve any related drawings. Only users with special permissions can access archived drawings, which won’t be found in general searches.

Tag / Meta-data Management: In addition to file management, Drawing Management systems also handle document meta-data. Tag management is the common term for this functionality. Adding tags to drawings makes it easier to retrieve them.

Why Choose VLogic’s Drawing Management Software?

Drawings can be modified and revised often, but not all modifications carry the same weight. With our drawing management software, you can quickly compare different drawing versions to track modifications and differentiate between minor adjustments and major revisions. VLogic’s Drawing Management Software also serves as software for managing document revisions, ensuring that all documents are correctly formatted and up to date. The system records each transmission in real-time, eliminating conflicts and misunderstandings. 

Here are the features of our drawing management software.

Centralized Storage

VLogicFM is hosted on the cloud, allowing users to access it 24/7 from anywhere, which is beneficial for the hybrid workforce working from home and the office. SSL encryption ensures the security of all uploads and downloads. Software, hardware, and network redundancies are provided by sustainable cloud infrastructure.

Digital File Formats

Up to 70 digital file types, including .dwg (CAD),.pdf files,.png,.tif, and other formats for both drawings and non-drawing documents, can be stored and viewed with VLogicFM. Other 3D files and .rvt (Revit) files can also be stored on the system. You may use your web browser or a mobile device to upload, download, read, and share files without the need to buy pricey third-party licenses or install plug-ins.

Fast Document Retrieval

By adding any extra search criteria you want for each file, such as the project name and number, the project year, the drawing discipline, the author, the version number, etc., you can speed up the retrieval of documents. Support accessibility by organizing comparable drawings and papers into virtual folders or VLogicFM groups. Groups are quite flexible and can be set up in any way you choose, including according to the project’s name, age, type of drawing, etc.

Optimized Document Sharing

VLogicFM revolutionizes the way documents are shared. You can effectively control who can access and share your drawings with its strong access control system. If you categorize VLogicFM groups according to drawing disciplines such as architectural, plumbing, mechanical, etc., it becomes simple to share the appropriate groups with contractors.

A&E professionals collaborate with architectural drawings, plumbers work with plumbing drawings, electricians handle electrical drawings, and so on. Contractors find this beneficial since they only have access to the necessary drawings to complete the task. This viewing model is highly favored by facilities managers as it guarantees the security of your remaining documents.

VLogicFM offers an added layer of security by allowing you to restrict the duration of user access to your files, including contractors. By using VLogicFM, document sustainability is improved, and expenses related to printing and courier services are minimized. The current trend of remote work and flexible schedules presents an ideal opportunity to implement a contemporary Drawing Management System for efficient management of your assets. Choose VLogic’s cloud-based drawing management software for enhanced efficiency and improved collaboration.

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