Customer Stories

US Department of Veterans Affairs Manages Automated Pharmacy Equipment

The Department of Veterans Affairs, the largest healthcare system in the US, provides care to 9 million veterans requiring about 150 million prescriptions in a year.  80% of these are filled in by seven automated pharmacies spread around the country.  Each unit called a Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy (CMOP) has deployed a large system of complex machinery to select medications, fill in, sort, pack, and dispatch medications.  The department implemented VLogicFM to manage preventive maintenance and on-demand work orders at these facilities.

One important feature of the VLogic system was critical to CMOP: the ability to relate assets to its geographic locations.  Absent in most maintenance management systems, this feature enables users to view assets in the context of a drawing.  In addition, the space management functions of VLogic provides the tools to plan and reconfigure the floor layouts of the pharmacies