Customer Stories

Large hospital chain uses VLogic to manage all their engineering documentation.

A large healthcare organization with its regional headquarters in Maryland has over 35,000 drawings covering over 30 hospitals and large clinics.  These drawings represented construction and remodeling history of every building some as old as over sixty years.  They were in different formats, some in PDF, CAD, and other electronic formats and some still on paper.  Some electronic drawings were on in-house servers and several drawings from recent remodeling projects were on a construction management system.  Project planning, construction, and maintenance staff   covered these sites spread over three states.  The absence of a central repository holding all relevant documentation readily available to the staff and contractors was hampering productivity and causing serious delays in decision making and project execution.  To alleviate this situation the hospital system decided to implement VLogicFM.

The vast library of drawings is now being managed by the system so that all authorized users can access these from their desktops and mobile devices.  The system includes virtual groups of drawings called “Presets” meeting specific criteria such as “electrical primary circuits for a building”.  When a remodeling project is underway, project managers set up for contractors’ access to specific drawings for a specific period.  Managers tell us that this system saves them countless man-hours.  Rummaging through piles of paper and electronic files on different hard disks is a thing of the past.