Space Management Software

Optimize the use of space

Good enterprise management is founded on a firm grasp of operational costs. An enterprise’s facility operating cost is one of the highest of these. Customers deploy VLogic’s Space Management software to streamline facility utilization and to simplify the task of discovering:

What space they have,   |    Who is using it, and   |   What are they using it for

Space management software

Smart Drawings Engine

VLogicFM’s Space Management software leverages accurate CAD as-built drawings linked to a cloud-based database of space drivers such as department, employees, room function, cost line items, compliance status, etc., to enable powerful space optimization and management capabilities.

Powerful Optimizations

Customer Stories

Department of Veterans Affairs New England Regions automates space planning and management using VLogicFM

US Department of Veterans Affairs New England Region (VISN 1) operates 11 medical centers comprising about 9 million square feet of buildings.  The VA decided to develop a network wide IWMS that would provide an integrated planning capability, improve the execution of the business processes at the medical centers…

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Everything you need to view CAD drawings is already built-in to our VLogicFM cloud-based solution. You can also view non-CAD drawings and related documents in over 70 file formats, including .dwg, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .txt, .doc, etc. All you need is a web browser or iOS/Android smart device.

VLogicFM requires accurate CAD drawings to successfully meet your facility management expectations. That said, VLogic offers separate services to develop CAD drawings based on your existing paper or PDF-based drawings—assuming that they are accurate. If the drawings are not accurate, VLogic Services also provides a separate onsite verification survey service to square your drawings with your facility.

Yes, we do support BOMA standards. Our space management solution contains two types of space boundaries, one drawn through wall centerlines and the other just inside the walls. Using these, the system apportions common areas for rental calculations

We can manage space assignments to any organizational structure. For example, you may have divisions, departments, cost centers, and teams. Our space management solution can track space assignment to each entity.

This feature in our space management solution is commonly used by our customers. They recognize that space is expensive and ranks next to wages in employee costs. Using our system, managers can view actual usage and make decisions on how to optimally use available space and data-driven decisions on leases and new constructions.

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