Space Management

Optimize the use of space

VLogic’s space management enables you to optimize use of space and minimize costs.

Space is the third highest employee expense line item after wages and health insurance. As such, space cannot be treated as any overhead cost — forward-looking organizations treat space as an asset that must be managed efficiently and effectively. To that end, the first step to optimizing space and driving down costs is to track who uses what space for what purpose. 

VLogic’s space management links drawings with an extensive database of employees and organizational entities such as departments and cost centers. VLogicFM space management provides a central database that visibly shows the location of each staff member, which lets management make key decisions on moves and realignments.

With VLogic’s space management, organization scan identify ways to move employees with the same roles and responsibilities to use the same type of space throughout your organization.

Space management also enables you to exchange information among the databases of multiple departments, including HR and financial management. Use space assignment data for charge back. Make your line managers responsible for their space usage and witness a dramatic reduction in overall costs.

Furniture management is a key aspect of VLogic’s space management. Use the system to plan the layout of furniture and to group furniture into standard classes and track their location.

  • Create space utilization reports up to five levels of hierarchical entities
  • Track utilization separately by employees and by organizations
  • Generate color-coded distribution maps
  • Customize reports
  • Track physical characteristics of spaces – ceiling heights, floor finishes etc.
  • Archive reports and watch trends
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