Advisory Board

VLogic’s Advisory Board consists of three professionals seasoned in technology industries

George T Koshy

George T Koshy, founder and President of VLogic Systems, has a career spanning many decades at senior level positions in software and technology companies.  Before founding VLogic, George was the co-founder and President of Indus Systems until its restructuring in 2018.  At Indus, he was in charge of all aspects of management including sales and marketing and software development.   Under his leadership, Indus grew to being a recognized leader in Integrated Workspace Management Systems (IWMS) software space.  Before founding Indus, George worked at senior engineering positions at Internet pioneer Bolt Beranek and Newman, management consulting company Booz Allen and Hamilton and technology leader Digital Equipment Corporation.  George Koshy holds an MS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Duane Harris is co-founder and board member of VMS Software, Inc., a global, mission-critical enterprise software company that serves Global 2000 companies in industries such as manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, transportation, and government. He brings over 20 years of top management and entrepreneurial experience.

Duane avails the VLogic advisory board of deep business operations experience across a highly diverse portfolio. Before VMS, Duane was the CEO of Nemonix Engineering, Inc. a manufacturer of custom engineering solutions for enterprise OpenVMS hardware customers. Prior to Nemonix, Duane served as vice president of operations for BAP Global Solutions, LTD, a London-based enterprise solutions company with offerings that optimize enterprise governance. He was also vice president of operations of Cambridge Publications, Inc., a New England firm specializing in business process training; vice president of operations of ek Real Estate, a Seattle-based high-end real estate firm; and president of ScreamDesign, Inc., a successful investor-funded portal for web developers. Duane received a J.D. degree from Boston University School of Law and a B.A. degree from Harvard University.

Duane Harris
Alan Fullerton

Alan Fullerton is a partner at Mirus Capital Advisors, a leading Boston-area investment banking firm. He is also on the board of ACG Boston, the premier member-based middle-market M&A professionals association in New England.  Alan has been an investment banker to large corporations, middle-market firms and family-owned firms since 1997. Before his investment banking career, he was a member of technical staff with the 2500-person engineering consulting firm TASC. Alan holds a BS from MIT in Mechanical Engineering, an MS from Brown University in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA from the Ecole des Ponts of Paris France

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